Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Seven mjolnirs

These 7 mjolnirs are the result of my first major covid 19 lockdown project, 2020.  I made three of these back in 2015 when I had a lot of time on my hands  .  This year I have even more time because the beaches are closed

Not everything I wanted was available and I had to substitute some paint from the recommended brown water based stuff.  Things like that disappeared so I ended up with oil based black for the "leather" handles.  It all worked out okay.

Go to the previous post for videos and links to Dali-lomo's youtube channel and blog to get your template and instructions from the master himself.

This has been going on for 7 weeks and I'm looking forward to cleaning the apartment.

Little scraps of cardboard have been everywhere. Some of it was used to stuff the hammers and give them a little more heft.


Stay safe.  Wash your hands and stay away from stupid people.  They have never been more dangerous.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Huatulco April 2020 Quarantine Days

It's the corona virus lockdown in Huatulco.  Not too much is happening.  Basically, it's like everywhere else.  More and more people are wearing masks.  It's not universal yet but I'm on top of this trend thanks to Matt Yamigawa.

The biggest advantage we have here in Huatulco is all the open space.  The chances of coming too close to anyone are slim and easily avoided.

So much emptiness does not feel natural.

Santa Cruz

The marina where we began and ended our swordfish adventure.

When the coronavirus situation escalated, we were given a warning to take anything from our offices at UMAR Huatulco we would need before they locked the university up tight.  Not surprisingly, after more than a week of very little human traffic, animals were reclaiming the environment.
This little rabbit was trying to be invisible right outside Centro de Idiomas.

La Bocana closed.

Conejos closed.

Downtown Crucecita.  Deserted.

I made an early morning visit to Soriana where I was greeted with a squirt of hand sanitizer gel.  The previous visit had been a spray of Clorox and water.  So now we seem to have lots of gel in town but not enough to put on the shelves for sale.  Just about every store you visit will have a big bottle to share with customers.

That beer is going to sit there for a long while.  There is a dry law until further notice.  Hard core drinkers may be able to find homemade mezcal somewhere to satisfy their needs.  The rest of us will keep our wits about until the dangers have passed.

There is no shortage of toilet paper in this town.

When I arrived, I just walked in,  By the time I was ready to leave, they had moved barricades of flats to limit traffic for the rest of the day.  That masked woman sanitizing the shopping carts offered me the hand gel on my way in.

I'm going through a lot more dog food now.  The street dogs have lost some of their regular food sources since the street food vendors have disappeared and they are ravenous.  
Here's Hank and the newest member of the breakfast club, Voight.  Krypto waits patiently outside.  The other two won't let here enter.   

Having devoured his share of the food, Voight decided he had a new home.  I chased him away so Krypto could eat.  Poor Krypto surrounds her dish with her paws now as if afraid someone is going to steal it.

As the song goes, it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel far.  I hope you feel fine as well.  Remember to stay away from stupid people.  They have never been more dangerous.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Huatulo 2020 Final Deep Sea Fishing Excursion: Last Call for Adventure

Just a few short days before quarantine measures began for the corona virus, a few us had the chance for one final Huatulco excursion and it was outstanding.  Most of the tourists had already disappeared and UMAR Huatulco was scheduled to close its doors in another week.  We gathered bright and early on Sunday morning to head out on the big ocean.

Here's the crew from left to right: Juan; Isaac; Shanda and William.

A few tourists were gathered for another small boat.  I think that's all the action the marina saw that day.

All aboard.

Captain Ramiro is ready and waiting.

Away we go.

Lots of dolphins.

After more than 4 hours, this was our moment of truth. 

That's a 30 kg swordfish William and Ramiro pulled on board.  Teamwork!

Back at the marina.

Captain Ramiro expertly divvies up the spoils.

It wasn't long before we met some new friends.

Ramiro tossed them a few treats and everyone was happy.

A day and a half later, UMAR Huatulco sent everyone home earlier than originally planned and the town gradually shut down.  I'm so glad we made that last call for fun in the sun.  Thanks to everyone who made this day happen.

But when I say final day, it isn't final final.  Good times will return.  Just stay alive and be patient.  The fish will be biting when this crisis comes to an end.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Umarela 2019 Everybody's Having Fun


Here we go again on the annual UMAR Huatulco festival, Umarela, to send 2019 off with a bang.

We have a lot of walking ahead of us so everybody lines up for a big Christmas lunch.

They're ready.

Rowena danced and pirouetted all the way.

Last minute preparations in Auto Accesso.

Just a few more finishing touches.

I just stepped out and random people offered me cake.

They insisted.

We're almost at the official Umarela headquarters.

Here we go.  Once everyone starts moving and the light fades, quality photos are a lot trickier.

Riding in style.  You don't miss much from up there.

Hey, it's Jan and Dan, our special oceanographer guests from the last Meeting Point.


I wondered where the bright christmas tree had come from.

Wait a minute.  Those aren't UMAR students.

There were two parades that night and they merged when I wasn't looking.

Time for the double decker bus ride.

Directly ahead,everybody had to duck below the seats as the bus pushed through palm leaves.

That's our destination, straight ahead.

That's the view from the stage.  I was up there with The Meeting Point singers.

Out of maybe 30 quick shots, I managed to get a couple of photos of these dynamic athletic salsa dancers.  Mostly they were a blur.

Someone said hello.  I turned.  Holy smokes.  Cinderella herself.

That's me with Aladdin's girl.  I don't know her name because I've never seen the movie.  Princess Lilo maybe.

Is it just me or does Angelica look ready to go home? 

And then suddenly, I realized I was tired too.  Look at me with Irma.  My eyes are only half open and my wings are floppy.

The fun continued without me.  I was out like a light as soon as I was home.