Thursday, November 28, 2019

Playa Arrocito Surprises

It has been about four years since I last visited Playa Arrocito  and there have been some dramatic improvements to the facilities.  For one thing, they actually have facilities.  This well-designed parking lot with separate entrance and exit, complete with bathrooms and showers didn't exist back then.  In order to use anything like this it was necessary to visit the ultra-modern Ocean Bar Bistro.  

Now this is more like it.  Wheelchair accessible all the way.  To see what a huge improvement this really is, be sure to check out the older staircase on the other side of the beach here.

It's thriving.  It certainly helps to bring out entire families when the elderly have safer access.  Grandparents love the beach too.

This is the Ocean Bar Bistro side of the beach.  It's not too intrusive on public space, just its own little nook.

Heading back.

Just when you might think all the available space has been taken for development, people still find space to build something more.  This is directly across from the new parking lot. 

Here's the old parking lot and that wall on the right is the beginning of a new foundation.

This is the main entrance to Arrocito.  Just ahead are the Punta Gaviota condominiums.  Arrocito is to the left.  For the first time in a decade I went to the right and was amazed at how much had been built.   

 One enormous hotel to rival the mega-resorts of Tangolunda.  I really don't know this town as well as I thought I did.

Following along the road is a new-to-me luxury housing development.

Across the valley, there is the other side of Punta Gaviota.

 The streets, still waiting for building and apparently ready,  continue all the way to Playa Tejon and the main road.

Changing the Face of Crucecita

Huatulco has gradually seen a lot of development since I arrived here a decade ago.  Super Che has basically become a shopping mall, complete with a state of the art cinema.   This year, construction has accelerated.  

Here's a substantial hotel well on its way down by Binniguenda in Santa Cruz.  Well, presumably a hotel.

Closer to the beach, this building looks like it might be ready before 2020.

Someone has already hung their sign.

Not quite ready for business yet.  Best of luck.

The massive door from the original building across the street.

In the parking lot  behind the beach restaurants, someone is building the first hotel directly overlooking the beach.  They had to move a lot of earth to get this one started.

Beautiful new condos have usurped the view from the previous condominiums.

Something was bound to be put up sooner or later in this spot.

It's a bit shocking to see we're getting an upscale mini-mall, apparently with its own parking lot.

Across from the Marina, an entire hill has disappeared.  At least, I think there was a hill.  I'll have to search back to see if I can find an old picture of what this spot used to look like.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Rodada por la conservacion October 2019

Waking up for the Cruz del Monte trail road trip was easier than expected as the clock had just moved back an hour.  It has been 4 years since Romeo and I woke up much earlier for a trip up this trail for the first time.

When I arrived at the starting point, there wasn't another bike in sight and I wondered if i'd understood  the directions correctly but a few started to appear in the next ten minutes  

When I arrived at the starting point, there wasn't another bike in sight and I wondered if i'd understood  the directions correctly but a few started to appear in the next ten minutes.

All of the bikes were loaded on to trucks and dropped off at the trailhead where the rangers have a station.  Romeo and  I started our trip at the other end and this is where we finished. 

Away we go.

We're off to Cacaluta.  We've been here before.