Thursday, May 2, 2019

Surrounded by Dolphins, UMAR Huatulco International Relations Boat Trip 2019

Isaac and the International Relations arranged for another boat cruise this year and I was fortunate enough to be invited along.

Eric missed the departure time so the crew of Hermano Zorro delivered him and his Endgame cup  with their own water taxi.  Outstanding service! 

There's the three lucky representatives of the English Department; myself, William and Diego.

Isaac caught the first nibble but it got away.

No one loves catching fish more than William and, after last year's fishing frenzy, we all had high expectations of at least catching a few.  It didn't happen for us this time but that disappointment was royally compensated by the astonishing reason for the scarcity of bites.  We were surrounded by thousands of dolphins!


You can't compete with natural fishers like dolphins.

It was so amazing.  This was definitely one of those trips where you had to feel sorry for anyone who couldn't make it.  Thanks Isaac. 

Cascadas Magicas Huatulco 2019 Copalatilla

After years of living here in Huatulco, we sometimes take this place for granted.  Even though there is plenty of fun and adventure to be found, we often let the weekends and holidays float away, reading or binge watching some tv series.

      Isaac helped get the Easter Week vacation off to an active start this year by arranging a trip to the Magic Waterfalls with a tour service.   It's a place I haven't been to since arriving here to live but it is well worth the trip and long overdue.   

Huatulco is such a small place.  There's Luis Antonio, from UMAR,  working with a tour group on his vacation.  Seriously, not a bad job at all.  

Every tour takes a side trip to sell you something.  This is where we stopped.  Other tours have arrangements with other stores selling mezcal and chocolate.   I waited outside on a bench and read my novel.    

It wasn't too long before we were off to our main destination.  

Our destination was Copalatilla, a series of waterfalls and lagoons.  The water was bracing, exactly what everyone wanted after a long hot drive up the mountain.  The other option is Llano Grande, a much bigger waterfall, but there really is only enough time to enjoy one or the other.    

This was our first stop.  We stayed here long enough for other tour groups to clear the way.  It's very well organized.  The trails don't have enough space for every tour at once so one group moves ahead only after the previous one has moved on.

This is where it gets interesting but I had to leave the camera behind at that bamboo railing in the background because there was no way to keep anything dry  Next time, I'll bring a waterproof camera and try and do justice to the caves with gushing water we climbed through with ropes

Here's the place all the tour groups end up for an all-you-can-eat meal (included with the tour)  before heading home.  After our swimming, we were seriously hungry.

Isaac, the man who made it happen.

Time to go home.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Samaritana 2019 UMAR Huatulco

Just at lunch break, when the sun was its peak during a 2 week heatwave, Alberto Cano and the Tourism Administration department surprised everyone with cool drinks and games.

It was like a flash party.


Good times.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Umarela 2018


Christmas time at UMAR once again.    Umarela is always fun and I'd hate to miss it.  This year, however,  I woke up Umarela morning with a raging fever, not sure if I was going to join the fun or not but the wise decision to take a 600 mg Ibuprofen at 10 in the morning made everything almost alright.  The full body ache disappeared and my attitude improved.  There was a slight dizzy spell or two but that could have been the medication.  I'm just glad I didn't go for the 800 mg. option.  That could have meant lights out.

As usual, the best pictures are at the beginning, before it gets dark and everyone is in constant motion.

Santa's cheerleaders.

It was a good time but I didn't stick around for the show.  I slipped off to go straight to bed once the parade arrived downtown but not before one last photo op with Peter Pan herself.  I was out like a light in 5 seconds flat.  Good times.

Wait a minute.  Who's this?  It's Amairani.  I bumped into her on my way to join the parade.  I couldn't persuade her to come along but followers of this blog may recognize her from Umarela 2012